Mavericks continues to make a big splash on the small screen. We launched the book with a series on ABC's Good Morning America (called "Maverick Monday"), NBC's Weekend Today devoted a lengthy segment to the book's vision of the new workplace, and CNBC aired a five-part series called "The Business of Innovation," which spotlighted a number of companies and executives drawn from the pages of Mavericks at Work, and for which Bill and Polly were on-air commentators. More recently, Polly has become a regular contributor on CNN's "American Morning" and "In the Money" with a focus on maverick strategies and practices. CEO Exchange, the PBS series hosted by well-known television commentator Jeff Greenfield, devoted an entire one-hour segment to the ideas behind the book, including a series of commentaries by Bill and a fascinating panel discussion with three truly maverick innovators.

Here are selected clips of Mavericks on TV. Check back for regular updates.

Good Morning America: "Maverick Monday", Part I
Good Morning America: "Maverick Monday", Part II
ABC News: Tips for Mavericks at Work [text]
Today Show
Early Show
The Business of Innovation
Episode 1: Innovators & Iconoclasts
Episode 4: People & Technology
Episode 5: Loners & Teammates
CEO Exchange, Episode 508: Maverick CEOs

Polly did a 2-part interview with CNN's Ali Velshi on "In the Money." The first segment is a great overview of the core themes of the book. The second is a fun interactive segment about mavericks nominated by CNN's viewers.