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The Economist
"A pivotal work in the tradition of In Search of Excellence and Good to Great and featuring many of today's most interesting corporate rising stars."
"Taylor and LaBarre say they will consider the book a success if it 'opens your eyes, engages your imagination, and encourages you to think bigger and aim higher.' On that level, with many readers managing in a business world plagued by risk-aversion, conformity, and copycat benchmarking, Mavericks is likely to succeed."
Financial Times
"Example after example tumbles out of these pages in a seemingly inexhaustible supply. The energy of the narrative never slackens. This is business journalism animated by the spirit of the Duracell bunny."
"Eschewing the platitudes that mar many 'visionary' business tomes, the authors instead use concrete examples from firms big and small, old and new to show what's possible for those smart and bold enough to follow their own drummers."
Management Today
"If this book does not leave you inspired to change, I'm not sure what will."
Miami Herald
"It's a nice change of pace to read a business book that's exceptionally well written."
San Antonio Express-News
"You don't have to start a revolution in your industry to learn from Mavericks at Work, but you do have to want to seek out what your company stands for, and you do have to want to understand it enough to be able to believe in it."
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
"The book is not a how-to manual, but a smoothly written incisive inside look at disruptive companies with some lessons to help you charter a similar course."
The Hindu (India)
"The book is racy, with plenty of practical examples. Imaginative language dominates the writing and compels the reader's attention all the time."