Here are a series of clips of my appearances on TV. I currently do three segments a week on CNN's "American Morning" and one on the weekend show "Your Money" as a business and innovation correspondent. The segments introduce viewers to a remarkable collection of inspiring leaders, innovative organizations, and exciting new ideas from the world of business and beyond.

I did a 2-part interview with CNN's Ali Velshi on "In the Money." The first segment is a great overview of the core themes of the book. The second is a fun interactive segment about Mavericks nominated by CNN's viewers.

Here's a piece about the book (with a nice feature on one of our Maverick companies, Cranium) on Weekend Today.

Here's a fun one with Maurice Dubois on CBS's Early Show.

I appeared multiple times as a featured expert on CNBC's five-part series "The Business of Innovation."

Here's the first episode, "Innovators & Iconoclasts," which includes a quick feature on one of our favorite Maverick companies, Rite Solutions.

Here's the fourth episode, "Loners & Teammates."

Check back here for outtakes from my regular segment on business and innovation on CNN's "American Morning."