Here are selected articles, essays, and columns from a variety of publications.

Fast Company
"Leap of Faith: Meet Nau, the ultimate over-the-top, high-concept business. It makes striking, enviro-friendly clothing. It gives away 5% to charity. Can it save the world--and give us the perfect twill capri?"
360 Magazine
"How Do You Transform a 95-Year-Old Organization? Ask the Girls". An article on the transformation strategy of the Girl Scouts and the remarkable leadership of CEO Kathy Cloninger.
Jungle Magazine
"If Women Ran Business" - Imagine if women wore the pants in corporate America. What would be different? What wouldn't? More of the same old scandal, boondoggles, nasty tricks, along with a soupçon of personal greed? Four businesswomen-and one brave man-stake their claims.
New York Times (registration required)
"How Pixar Adds A New School of Thought to Disney"
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Guy Kawasaki's "10 Questions"
"Ten Questions with Polly LaBarre" - One of my favorite blog features is Guy Kawasaki's "10 Questions" interview with authors-so I was delighted to participate in one myself. This piece is a great distillation of the key themes of Mavericks at Work.
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Fast Company
"The Year of Living Dangerously: "12," an advertising school launched by an ad agency, is an "incredibly messy" education in solving real-world problems."